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Platts Animal Bedding is a market-leading UK manufacturer and supplier of quality animal bedding, based in North Wales.
  • We offer a wide selection of bedding for dairy, equine, poultry & small pets
  • We deliver our products to farmers across the UK, and export to Southern Ireland.
  • We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry.
  • We use only the most revolutionary technology.
  • We are constantly developing our products to meet the needs of our customer base.
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What farmers say about Platts

  • Since moving from lime to Platts Finebed, we find our cubicles a lot cleaner and drier and our cows udders and teats in far better condition. We don’t use any disinfectant on our cubicles at all and with the herd housed full time our somatic cell count averages around 110. Great product!

    Roger Barkley, Cappoquin Estates
  • “Since using the Finebed, our somatic cell counts have dropped- and no lime is required on the beds at all. The product is very easily applied to the cubicle- we use a dispenser- and since it’s so absorbent, a little goes a long way which makes it economic to use. We only use 3-4 bags a day for the 120 cubicles, which we bed twice- at milking times. We use it for the dry cows once daily as well instead of lime. It’s a lot quicker to prepare the cows at milking time, as they’re so clean on the Finebed.”

    Richard & George Lowe, Co Limerick
  • I've now completed one full winter on the product and the product and customer care have been excellent. I've received just the right level of sales support.

    (Anonymous Customer, March 2017)

    Anonymous Satisfied Customer,
  • Donie from Co Cork, Ireland was pleased to see us at the National Dairy Show. Here's what he had to say about our PowderBED : "I think it's a fantastic product - it's so dry and I just mix a little lime through it to keep my cows clean and dry. I'll have a lorryload!"

    Donie Horley, Co Cork,
  • Alan Creith, Co Antrim uses PowderBED for his herd of around 150 Holstein Friesians. He says "the best thing about the product is that it's so absorbent. Since I started using the PowderBED over a year ago now after meeting Platts at the Balmoral Show, I haven't had a single case of mastitis. I used a mechanical dispenser to bed down at every milking time, and my cattle don't suffer from any hock burns. We've got the room here to store it inside, but the beauty of the pallets is that they can stay outside until they're needed. "

    Alan and Connor Creith, Co Antrim,
  • “As a user of Platts Animal Bedding for the past two and a half years we have found Powder BED ® to be extremely effective as a product for keeping the beds dry and therefore controlling mastitis. We use a trusted haulier to bring our load from Wrexham. Our account manager understands our requirements and we’ll continue to get our supplies from Platts in the future”

    Noel Bingham, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland,
  • "We’ve been using Platts Mixbed for a number of years now, and find it to be a product which keeps our Ayrshire and Holstein cattle clean and dry. Our cows are comfortable and cell counts low, meaning mastitis is kept to a minimum. The girls in the office are friendly and easy to deal with- and storing our pallets outside means we can save space inside...”

    Andrew & Michael Broadley, Brundcliffe Farm, Buxton,
  • “I use Fibrebed, because I find it to be a good consistent product. It keeps my herd of jersey cattle clean and dry helping to reduce mastitis and its obviously comfortable, because they don't get any lesions or hock sores. I find Fibrebed to be good value for money. It comes in good heavy bales, really densely packed. There’s lots of bedding in there. The sawdust is light and fluffy, it's easy to spread on the cow mats- and when its down it doesn’t blow away."

    Jon Stanley, Shaftesbury, Dorset

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