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Powderbed is Platts’ fine, softwood based sawdust, developed specifically to keep your dairy cows dry, clean and comfortable at all times, and make the process of maintaining your cattle’s bedding areas as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Comfortable Cattle:
It’s a fact that healthier happier cows produce better milk, so it is incredibly important that your cows are properly cared for.
Our PowderBed softwood sawdust is a lot finer than tradtional dairy cow bedding products, equivalent in consistency to talc. As a result of this extra softness, the chances of your cattle developing hock sores is significantly reduced, so your cows can always be comfortable.
Powderbed also boasts excellent absorbency, ensuring that your cows are kept as dry and hygienic as possible, meaning higher quality milk.


Supported Machinery:
Due to its super-fine particles, Powderbed animal sawdust reduces pipe blockages in slurry systems- unlike sand and straw, which tend to cause build-up — so there is no need to chance your existing setup to accomodate your new sawdust bedding.


The non-abrasive consistency of the bedding greatly reduces the toil taken on machinery, meaning less maintenance and cleaning work for you.

This unique consistency also enables Powderbed to be easily spread across mats and cubicles, either manually or mechanically for efficient, even coverage every time.

Empowered Farmers:

Less is best with PowderBed. Only one large coffee cup of the product is all that’s needed to cover each cow mat, resulting in reduced bedding costs for you, and making the process of distributing your bedding incredibly time efficient, decreasing your workload.

Using PowderBed also means less muck and waste for your farmland. If your farm is a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ), Powderbed is therefore an ideal bedding solution, as it will not affect large portions of land when it is being spread.
PowderBed comes bagged and ready for immediate use, wrapped in weatherproof packaging to sort your bedding outdoors until you need it, offering a great level of convenience and freedom.

Find out more:
Interested to see how PowderBed could boost the comfort and milk quality of your own herd? Give our team a call on 01978 854666, or send us a message by clicking here to discuss your needs.

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