Wood Pellets

Platts premium quality wood pellets are an ideal stable bedding option for your horses- and a great alternative to dust-extracted shavings for horses who are susceptible to COPD. More absorbent than wood shavings- wood pellets boast an exceptional absorbency, meaning your stable conditions are cleaner and drier than before.

horse-791364_1280Wood pellet bedding can soak up urine rapidly, meaning that wet spots are more confined and can be easily removed. In turn, lesser quantities of wood pellets are required in comparison to other bedding materials- as when soaked, they expand to several times their original volume. Reducing the hassle for you- less time and effort is required to muck out the stable.

Unlike shavings, wood pellets do not stick to your horse or pony’s hair- so perfect for horses who love to look smart at all times!

Wood pellets come loaded on pallets of 67 bags, with each bag containing 30 litres.

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Interested to see how wood pellets could improve your efficiency and revolutionise your stable bedding? Give our team a call on 01978 854666, or send us a message by clicking here to discuss your needs.

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