Established in 1973, Platts Animal Bedding is a family-owned business with over 45 years’ experience in delivering animal bedding to the agricultural industry.


We offer a wide selection of innovative, expertly blended cattle bedding, equine bedding, poultry bedding and small pet bedding products. This includes various consistencies of shavings, sawdust, and wood pellets.

Our bedding products are sustainably manufactured on-site in Wrexham, North Wales and we regularly supply to satisfied farmers and livestock owners across the UK and Southern Ireland.

Our Commitment


Operating at the forefront of the industry, we are committed to constantly growing our business, developing our technologies and improving our products to consistently deliver the quality and reliability we know our customers expect.

Platts is heavily invested in providing environmentally sustainable animal bedding solutions to our customers, offering a range of wood-based products. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and always choose the most sustainable options available when developing our products.

Our Fleet


We operate our own fleet of branded commercial vehicles, including articulated moving floor trailers and rigid flat-deck lorries. We drive these vehicles to collect the raw materials used in the manufacture our innovative products, and then use the very same vehicles deliver the finished product by the pallet in securely wrapped bales, or loose on an artic moving-floor.

Our Technology


With our own modern packaging and baling facilities, developed in-house, using high specification, automated bagging technology we can ensure a rapid, efficient turnaround. As all our products are manufactured on site, all year around, Platts provide a reliable and consistent supply to the dairy industry- where supply is particularly crucial throughout the winter months.


All of our animal bedding pallets are also packaged using an innovative weatherproof hood, to enable convenient outdoor storage.


With the hardworking and dedication from the team at Platts, we are able to proudly share the awards that the company have not only been nominated for, but also won. Without the hard work of each individual here at Platts, and the support of loyal customers, we wouldn’t be able to share the success of our business.
Scale up Business of the Year- North Wales & West Cheshire Winner
Scale up Business of the Year- Area Winner
Family Business of the Year- Area Finalist