Choosing the correct bedding for your system

Choosing the correct bedding for your system

It’s widely recognised that comfortable, contented cows spend longer each day lying down- and therefore give increased milk yields. Consider these key factors when choosing bedding:


Cubicle Type:

Mats/mattresses are designed to provide comfort- so only a light layer of bedding is required for absorbing muck and milk- to maintain a dry cubicle. Products such as a superfine sawdust are perfect for mats, since a little goes a long way.

Concrete or earth beds will require a deeper, more cushioned bedding material – to encourage cubicle occupancy.




If preventing bacterial growth, and managing somatic cell counts is top of your agenda, starting with a dry bed is essential. Look for a bedding material that contains zero-moisture- and change regularly to maintain a clean environment.




Comfort is one of the most important aspects when choosing the right bedding for your cattle. When choosing the bedding you need to ensure the bedding is soft, and won’t irritate over many hours of lying down. This also helps minimise hock damage and avoid nasty abrasions due to continuous lying.

A comfy cow then means that the milk they produce will be just as good as they feel!



When choosing a product you will want to ensure that you have enough throughout the year, and choose a supplier who has products readily available throughout the housing season. When choosing the company you buy from ensure you ask about their reliability, so that you don’t find yourself caught short mid-winter.







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