Dairy Cattle

Here at Platts, we know that the health of your cattle is crucial to your business. That’s why we have developed a number of bedding solutions to suit all farms and all cattle.


We also know that happy cows are cash cows, as the saying goes. It’s been shown that dairy cows who spend more time lying each day produce more milk. Improve cow comfort, and maximise your milk yields with the best quality bedding!


From Antibacta, for keeping your cell counts low, to Powderbed, our premium cubicle dust- our sales team can find something to suit you, your cows and your budget.


Whatever your farm system, our experienced Sales Team will understand your requirements and can recommend something to keep your cows clean and dry. Use our Filter System, or take a look at the products below to see what’s on offer.

Superfine Softwood Based Sawdust

Powder Bed® is designed to be used sparingly on the mat or mattress, to control moisture and keep cattle clean and hygienic. Since it’s so fine and 100% dry, only one large cup of product is required per cow mat- meaning a bag covers up to 50 cubicles!

Super Fine Consistency of Softwood Sawdust

Finebed was developed by Platts to provide a hygienic and comfortable bedding solution for your dairy cows, using a unique, super fine consistency of softwood sawdust to ensure a dry and clean environment.

A unique blend of softwood sawdust and shavings

Mixbed is a Platts’ original mixed bedding solution, using a unique blend of sawdust and shavings to keep your beef cattle and dairy cattle dry, clean and comfortable.

A Revolutionary Soft, Absorbent Bedding

Researched and developed by Platts at the King’s College London specifically to keep dairy cattle clean and dry, and prevent the spread of costly, mastitis-causing bacteria.

Super soft, fluffy cubicle bedding

Bovibed is a soft, fibrous dusty bedding. Light and fluffy, its soft consistency is the ideal bedding remedy for cows suffering from hock sores.

Suitable for use on all cubicle types, including cow mats/mattresses or concrete, Bovibed provides good coverage and is super absorbent to keep your cattle clean and dry.

Premium White Sawdust

Platts Premium White sawdust boasts excellent absorbency, absorbing three times its own weight in moisture. Being less dusty than other products on the market, it is the perfect choice for farmers looking for a less dusty alternative to powdered sawdust.

Giving youngstock the best start

It’s well known that clean, dry and warm bedding is necessary to give calves the best start in life, promoting health and weight gain. Give your youngstock the best start with MixBed.

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