Driving a Sustainable Future!

Driving a Sustainable Future!

You may have read recently about some of our endeavours to ‘go green’ and reduce our impact on the environment. The below story was written recently for Business in the Community – for some guidance documents featuring Royal Warrant Holders, following our Award of the Royal Warrant April 2018.

Have a read about how our sustainable manufacturing processes, and transport infrastructure are contributing to a greener future at Platts- and beyond… 

“R A & C E Platt Limited, trading as Platts Animal Bedding – specialise in the manufacture and supply of specialist animal bedding throughout the UK and Ireland. Based in Wrexham, North Wales- they offer bespoke recycling solutions within the wood-manufacturing industry, providing an environmentally-responsible and sustainable way for manufacturers to meet their legal and environmental obligations surrounding disposal of waste-wood residues.

Using their own fleet of 23 modern vehicles, and over 130 trailers, Platts transport their unique collection vessels to and from suppliers to meet their requirements, bringing the wood-residues to their factory in Wrexham for processing into animal bedding products. The finished product is transported to farms Nationwide and throughout Ireland, using the same vehicles.

A combination of staff training, telematics technology, and modern vehicles is making a positive and sustainable improvement to their impact on the environment, as well as costs and driver safety.

In November 2018, Platts invested in new modern Tom-Tom Telematics Technology, to improve driver monitoring, route planning and customer service. The goal was to drive efficiencies by reducing emissions, fuel consumption and reduce maintenance spend.

In just 6 months, the results have been staggering. The new in-cab technology has been well received- all staff have had one-to-one training on installation- and progress is regularly monitored.

Most recently, by using a ‘driver leader board’ style approach to display driving style, there’s healthy competition amongst the team.

The new technology has allowed for improved monitoring and training, which has sparked helpful conversations with drivers – to encourage forward planning, less heavy braking and acceleration, and reduced idle time. In just 6 months, vehicle idling has reduced by almost 50% – reducing wasted fuel and emissions whilst vehicles are stationary. Average MPG has increased by 5% so far in the same period- and CO2 emissions are down 12%.

New Volvo units are the vehicle of choice- not only a favourite from the Platts’ drivers- but also helping to meet efficiency goals. For instance, the I-Roll feature on the tractor units saves fuel, automatically ‘kicking-in’ when neither engine power or braking is required.

This sustainability and efficiency focus within the Transport Department at Platts is just one facet of their Green Growth Pledge- a journey they’ve recently embarked on with Business Wales (Welsh Government) – and as discussions begin with Planet First-one they hope to continue well into the future.