A Fluffy Softwood Sawdust

Bovibed is a fluffy, softwood sawdust based cubicle bedding. It provides super comfort due to its soft and fluffy texture, which creates a cushioned layer underneath your cattle.  Bovibed is suitable for a variety of cubicle types, including mats/mattresses, concrete, and earth.

The Benefits


Bovibed is extra soft, creating a comfortable bed underneath your cattle. The cushioned feel that this provides your cattle with makes Bovibed an ideal option for cattle susceptible to hock sores, or rubbing.

Since Bovibed is completely dry, when well maintained on the bed, bacterial growth in inhibited. When changed regularly, Bovibed can be used to control bacterial growth -minimising risk of environmental mastitis and improving milk quality.

The soft product comes packaged in compressed bales. When gently opened and uncompressed, Bovibed can be spread by hand, or using any type of mechanical spreader.

Value for Money


If you’re looking for value for money, Bovibed is an ideal option. The 75 litre compressed bales come stacked on pallets of 30 bales, and covered in a weatherproof hood for convenient storage.

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