Giving calves the best start

It’s well known that clean, dry and warm bedding is necessary to give calves the best start in life, promoting health and weight gain.

The Best Start


Platts MixBed makes the ideal calf bedding, due to its dry and absorbent nature. A dusty blend of wood shavings for comfort, and sawdust for absorbency- Platts MixBed works well as a substitute to straw, or as a supplementary bedding, used underneath straw to make limited stocks go further.


  • Helps prevent disease
  • Excellent Absorbency
  • Less moisture = dry pens
  • Promotes warmth & comfort


Suitable for calf pens, hutches or igloos, as well as loose housing systems for young stock.

Convenient Storage


MixBed is packaged using Platts’ in-house packaging facilities, designed specifically to offer practical and convenient storage. Our sawdust and shavings are wrapped in compressed polythene bales and includes a weatherproof hood for outdoor storage, to enable better use of space and more freedom for you.


Bales are stacked 30 per pallet.

The last straw?


Why not try supplementing your straw calf bedding this year with Platts Mixbed for Calf and Youngstock? With an increased absorbency, MixBed can be used underneath a deeper straw bed to promote a cosier, warmer bed for your calves. See if you can make your straw go that bit further this calving season!


With part loads available from single pallets, get in touch to find out how you can see the difference for yourself!

Find out more


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