Poultry Bedding

Ensuring that your poultry is kept as hygienic and comfortable as possible is essential for good health, and an instrumental part of providing great-quality produce to your customers.

Excellent Absorbency


Due to its absorbency, this type of bedding for chickens and other poultry helps to quickly neutralise any odours and reduce the amount of ammonia in the air from the droppings. This means that your poultry is kept drier and cleaner for longer.


Since all Platts baled bedding products come wrapped in weatherproof packaging, not only are pallets suitable for outdoor storage- but they’re also completely biosecure. Avoid contamination from pests or rodents whilst storing your bedding until required.

The Best Solution For Your Poultry


Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dust-extracted bedding option for your poultry, Platts Premium Shavings are ideal. Completely dust-extracted, the white fluffy wood shavings are perfect keep chickens, ducks and other poultry clean and healthy. Since there’s no dust, there’s no need to worry about eye and respiratory problems some birds can suffer with dusty alternatives, including straw and hay.


Wood shavings are the most ideal, convenient and cost-effective type of bedding for poultry- thanks to their easy to handle bales.  As with all Platts’ animal bedding products, our poultry bedding is packaged in bales which are securely wrapped in polythene with a weatherproof hood, so you can easily store your bedding outside until you need it. Pallets each come loaded with 30 bales.

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