Premium White Sawdust

Platts Premium White sawdust boasts excellent absorbency, absorbing three times its own weight in moisture. A ‘butchers grade’ traditional cross-cut sawdust makes it the perfect choice for farmers looking for a less dusty alternative to powdered sawdust.

Organic Friendly


Because Platts premium white sawdust is a completely pure softwood sawdust, it makes it the perfect solution for organic farms. Speak to our sales team for more advice on bedding for use on your organic farm.

Quality Every Time

  • Super-fine, 3mm graded kiln-dried softwood sawdust
  • Absorbs three times its own weight in moisture
  • Non-abrasive, softwood sawdust reduces the development of hock sores
  • Suitable to use on concrete cubicle bedding and cow mats/mattresses

Storage Solutions


As is standard across Platts’ product range, each pallet of Premium White sawdust is protected with a weatherproof hood- making pallets completely waterproof and UV resistant for 12 months. This means you can store your sawdust bedding outside for as long as needed, freeing up space that is often at a premium on busy farms.

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